Can calming pet products really help?

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Can calming pet products really help?

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Hemp Calming Pet Products – Can they really help?

We’re at that time of year again; the nights are closing in, and the evenings are getting darker by the minute. We’ve said good bye to the summer, and we’re getting closer to welcoming a new winter. Autumn is one of those seasons that sees both the hot and cold weather, and a mixture of emotions that comes along with it. We don’t get to bask in the sun or go on long days out to the beach, however we do get to celebrate Diwali, Halloween, and Bonfire Night with a bang! Literally. All socially distanced, of course!  Every year millions of fire works are sold in Great Britain, for family back yard displays, public displays in parks, holiday destinations, and local town venues to cheers us up during and get us into the Autumn spirit. Not all of us like fireworks however, the intentions of an age-old tradition may be good, but many of us find them disruptive and worrying, which includes our pets.  Whilst this year may see a less conventional bonfire night than we’re used to, you can still count on seeing and hearing fireworks.

The start of fireworks season can be extremely stressful and uneasy for all animals, they are instinctively wary of loud bangs and noises that surprise them and make them jump or flee. Fireworks can cause anxiety, nervousness, and in some cases even panic attacks; animals don’t understand the concept of fireworks or the idea behind our traditions.

Helping pets to keep calm can be challenging, especially as each animal reacts differently when they are afraid. Some animals are docile and not as easily affected, where others hit the deck and are unresponsive due to being overwhelmed with fear. Luckily enough we live in a time where calming products are available to help our pets during uncertain and stressful times.

True Leaf Calming Treats have all the calming properties needed to help distract our little loved ones, and contain an ingredients list that has unmatched high-quality and flavour. Hemp (the core focused ingredient) itself has a calm, and mellowing effect, with a large number of nutritional benefits, and it’s packed with vitamin B.

What are the benefits of hemp seed for dogs?

The nutritional value of hemp seeds are impressive. They contain all of the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to sustain a healthy life. Essential fatty acids act as lipids in the walls of all the body’s cells, allowing nutrients to pass into the cell easily, and toxins to be pushed out just as easily. Hemp seeds are also especially high in minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur).

What is the nature of, and ingredients of the product?

Hemp is packed with healthy fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are one of two major types of fats that are essential to get from food because the body can’t make them, the other is omega-6. A balance between the two types of fats is an important part of a healthy immune system. Using Cold pressed hemp seed, often referred to as hemp hearts, an extremely nutritious, and quality source of protein, the seed keeps its nutritional value and allows the maximum potential to be unleashed when consumed.

Has your pet tried calming treats?

Calming products like wall plug-ins can help with a calming aroma, however some pet owners don’t find they effect their pets in the one-off situation where they are needed. For an animal that is generally anxious all year round and needs some help to remain calm, plug-ins may genuinely contribute to relaxing your cat or dog. For a more reliable distraction during peak firework season calming treats have all the benefits of a normal treat, but also contains natural calming support ingredients, such as green tea, hemp leaf, hemp seed, chamomile, and lemon balm.

The perfect treat for any age breed or size

Help anxiety from a young age. Calming treats are perfectly suitable for kittens and puppies, all the way up to senior animals. Not just because of the amazing calming properties but the quality of the ingredients too. True Leaf Calming Cat Treats won the 2019 PPM Cat Product of the year award, as it contains nothing artificial, it’s Grain-Free, and GMO Free and stood out from a wide range of products.

These treats can be used throughout the year not just during the uneasy months, as training rewards for positive reinforcement, or as a token of appreciation when he/she is behaving well. There is a high amount of fresh poultry used in these highly versatile and functional treats for dogs.

For their peace of mind

Using calming treats from a young age will have a natural effect on their behaviour. With a relaxed peace of mind and less reasons to become anxious and stressed, our pets will be much happier, much earlier on in life. Calming treats can be a blessing for pets when they are travelling, staying at a kennel/cattery or when being introduced to something different outside their routine. Why not give them something that’s healthy, delicious and gives them a little help to relax and stay happy?  

Available in a treats range or dental sticks

Calming treats are available for both cats and dogs, in the shape of convenient small pieces that can be used in any situation. True Leaf also has a range of oral care support in the form of dog dental sticks, which are perfect for those pooches who love to chew and could do with a little extra support on their teeth and gums. All calming treats are not just an excellent addition towards an anxious dog’s mental health, but they contain only the best ingredients possible to contribute towards a dog’s diet.   

What's your opinion on calming products for pets? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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