Does my dog suffer from a sensitive stomach or digestive issues, and what treats can I use?

Does my dog suffer from a sensitive stomach or digestive issues, and what treats can I use?

It can be scary and confusing being a pet parent to a dog that has a sensitive stomach, and sometimes it can be hard to identity what the problem is if we don’t know what we are looking for. With new dog products constantly being developed, and new items appearing on the shelf every week, it can be hard to choose the right food for your dog, especially if it suffers from a sensitive stomach. But how do you know if your dog is really suffering from sensitivities?

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Does my dog have a sensitive stomach?

If your dog is showing classic signs of a sensitive stomach, you may need to change its food to ensure he/she stays fit, healthy and in top condition. You can usually tell when a dogs stomach is sensitive, or is suffering from irritations by lose stools, nausea, or diarrhoea, and excessive amounts of gas, vomiting or lack of appetite.

Always make sure to check with your vet, as the problem may be a deeper underlining issues that might need to be addressed. However, it’s not uncommon for dogs to suffer from sensitivities. Over the years hypoallergenic and grain-free formulars have been introduced to help dogs who suffers from a sensitive stomach. If you’re dogs stomach is especially upset and you think it could be their current feed, or a sudden introduction to new food if you have recently swapped their diet to a new brand, you could try some tradition home cooked meals.  A simple dinner of bland unsalted chicken and rice has been an age-old remedy to help settle a dog’s upset stomach.

What treats can sensitive dogs eat?

True Leaf dental sticks and treats are formulated to be a complete and functional treat for dogs. They are grain free, contain hemp seed & hemp oil, fresh chicken, and are a delicious source of fatty acids and protein.

We know the difficulty of seeing our pets stressed. It can be a scary time if they won’t eat, or can’t keep down what they have eaten. True Leaf products contain ingredients to help calm pets, easy anxiety, and reduce stress while being formulated to be comfortable on the most sensitive of stomachs.

What are the best treats for a dog with a sensitive stomach?

A good treat must be easily digestible, keep an eye out for treats that contain as fewer protein sources as possible, and are made with real ingredients (no derivatives or colourings). Natural treats use minimal amounts of ingredients, are a dogs preferred diet, and don’t contain any ‘empty calories’ as they have nutritional benefits.

Stay away from any brands that’s are known to use, sweeteners, are high in starch, animal bones, come from China, or are extremely cheap (you get what you pay for). Check the back of the packet to see if there is actual meat in the treat or if it’s just a flavouring. Don’t be fooled by how nice the packaging may look, or by how reputable the brand is. Always look at composition and check the best before date.

What are the healthiest dog treats?

True Leaf dental sticks and treats don’t just support sensitive stomachs, they are designed with a specific goal in mind, to help provide comfort for dogs who suffer from; join issues, anxiety, skin and coat problems, and stress. All of our treats contain essential omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids that your dog needs in their diet, because their body can’t make them. Hemp seed contain the perfect ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids, making them a fantastic addition to any natural treat. 

There are no nasty artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar or glycerin, and no grains in any of our product. We strive to bring pets a healthy, sensitive, supportive and delicious treat that can be fed from puppy all the way to senior.  

True Leaf treats are more than just healthy and delicious. Pet owners have reported a wide range of hemp benefits for both dogs and cats that include, pain relief, help with anxiety, comforting arthritis, cognitive benefits, and more. All of our ranges include ground hemp seed and hemp leaf, to provide your dog with much more than just a dental stick or treat.

Do dogs need treats?

Dogs are highly motivated by food, meaning treats can be an essential part of training and given as a reward when a goal is accomplished. True Leaf treats are a great way of promoting positive reinforcement while giving your dog some much needed support and a distraction to help pass time.

Treats can also be an invaluable way to channel chewing into something digestible and designed for dogs, rather than chewing on household items. They also provide a mental stimulation to help keep their mind busy when they need entertaining or a distraction.

Just ensure to be mindful to a balanced diet and check the pack for the daily recommended feeding guide.

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If you are concerned with your dog’s eating habits, and think there could be something wrong, consult a vet to ensure there isn’t a more serious problem. Should your dog simply require a simple diet change, hypoallergenic, and grain free options are always a safe bet to minimize risk and keep your dog feeling comfortable.

If you have any great tips to share for dogs with sensitivities let us know in the comments below.

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