Five reasons you should be using True Leaf Dental Flex Bars for Dogs.

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Five reasons you should be using True Leaf Dental Flex Bars for Dogs.

Dental sticks are an enormous part of a dog’s teeth cleaning routine. They can be used by all types of breeds, during all life stages to help control teething problems and promote a strong oral care routine.

Teeth are one of the most important learning tools dogs have, they test out the world by chewing and chomping newly discovered objects, use them to pick up and play with toys, and are an incredibly important part of almost all daily activities. A dog’s teeth are often the second point of contact they have with objects after their nose, they do not get to hold things in their hands or read about them as we do, they discover the world with their teeth, meaning they are used for so much more than eating. However, unlike us, they don’t get to use a toothbrush to remove any unwanted plague or tartar. Dental chews/sticks are proven to be effective in reducing the number of oral bacteria and are a key aid in dog dental care.

Dog’s chomp and chew on everything they find, from kibble and chew toys to things they find in the gardens, they are always discovering and learning with their mouth. For puppies and junior dogs, teething can be an aggravating and stressful time, as it can be quite painful. People have tried old remedies such as freezing a wet dish cloth for them to chew on, to feeding them cold carrots or even frozen fruits. True Leaf Dental Flex Bars for dogs are created with a no-nonsense ingredients approach, contain 3% hemp, and are an excellent way to minimize teething discomfort. 

Adult and senior dogs overall dental hygiene is often overlooked and neglected, while brushing teeth is still the best options to prevent gum diseases and plague build up, it is not always easy, and dogs tend to be resilient against it. True Leaf Dental Flex Bars are a fun treat that cleans teeth, freshens breath, and dogs cannot get enough of them.

Here is 5 reasons you should use True Leaf Dental Flex Bars

  • A unique shape and texture. True Leaf Dental Flex Bars for dogs combines hemp leaf with other natural ingredients to help maintain and improve your dog’s dental health. The unique shape and texture to the Dental Flex Bars helps to clean your dog’s teeth in ways other dental sticks can’t. They are like Dentals Sticks, but with an increased durability, and specifically engineered design to remove unwanted tartar, and keep breath fresh, while providing a taste that dogs will love. Has your dog tried one yet?

  • Help prevent those nasty vet bills. We regularly get asked ‘How do I get tartar off my dog’s teeth?’ The best way to remove plaque is to simply brush your dog's teeth daily with a dog toothbrush and dog-safe toothpaste. However, most people don’t tend to brush their dog’s teeth on a daily basis and instead use dental treats, as they are an easy way to take care of your pet’s oral hygiene. You can feed your pet a True Leaf Dental Flex Bar every day as a rewarding training treat, which also helps fight of plague and tartar, and it will fit straight into their everyday lifestyle.

  • Hygienic and entertaining. Dogslove the taste of our chewy and delicious treats. It keeps them entertained, it’s something they look forward to, and they contain a natural source of healthy omega-3 through the use of the finest hemp leaf available. Hemp has been known to support skin health, visions, the immune system and even hear functions through its content of vitamin B. You can break up the Flex Bars into smaller pieces and feed them throughout the day as training rewards or tip bits, the versatile bars can be put into Kongs, feeding mats other cognitive training toys.

  • Only the finest ingredients available. We regularly see people asking, “Are dental sticks bad for dogs?” There are products on the market which have been questioned as potentially harmful and contain ingredients which can cause bad breath and even tooth cavities. Unlike those brands of Dental Sticks, True Hemp Dental Flex Bars are designed specifically for essential oral care, with a combination of ingredients that is sensitive to a dog’s wellbeing.

  • Help prevent potential greater problems. What happens if you don’t clean your dog’s teeth?  If plague is not treated, it can put your dog at risk of harmful gum diseases and potentially painful infections, tooth loss, and eventually it could even create risk of bacteria spreading throughout the body to areas such as the kidney, heart and cause liver problems. Feeding True Leaf Dental Flex Bars can help overcome potential problems later in life and give your dog the best oral care possible.

True Hemp Dental Flex Bars for dogs are more than just excellent sources of tooth care. They contain hemp, which is a naturally rich source of Omega 3 (good for canine brain development, a shiny coat, mental health and a healthy heart and joints). It also contains phytocannabinoids, which can ease pain, inflammation and anxiety. With all these beneficial ingredients and no artificial additives, the True Hemp Dental Flex Bar for dogs is a healthy choice when it is time to give your dog a training reward or treat. It’s important to remember that Dental Sticks of all types are a complementary food to any dog’s diet, and the amount consumed need to be considered with their total daily food consumption.

With all the potential dental problems dogs can suffer from, dental treats are not the perfects answer to oral hygiene, but they are a large part of the process in overcoming possible problems. Have you tried True Leaf Dental Flex Bars? Let us know your point of view in the comments box below.

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