Cuddle Cushions

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The Puuur-fect Toys For Cats

Cuddle Cushions Designed For Cats Who Love Catnip

True Hemp Cuddle Cushion cat toys have been developed to provide hours of fun and activity for your cat. They are made from a special cotton fabric with a blend of hemp leaf together with Valerian or Catnip. Designed to look good, feel good and be irresistible to cats who love Catnip or Valerian.

Helps Reduce Anxiety Helps Relieve Stress Helps Promote Relaxation
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Our Premium Ingredients

 True Hemp Catnip The True Hemp Valerian Catnip
Nepeta Cataria otherwise known as Catnip, is a herb in the mint family, it has unique triangular shaped leaves and typically blooms in autumn. We use only the finest catnip within our Cuddle Cushions to ensure a long-lasting toy that your cat will enjoy. Similarly to catnip, the Valerian root is a herb that effects cats in the same way catnip does. It is however a little more potent, so if your cat is susceptible to catnip Valerian might give them an extra little boost.

Long Lasting Cat Toys

Our cuddle cushions can last up to six months due to the premium quality ingredients inside each cushion, and the air flow from the special cotton fabric used.

Cats love True Leaf Cuddle Cushions. If you have never tried one before, give it ago and see how much your cat loves True Leaf.