FAQ About True Hemp Dental Sticks

What Are Dental Sticks?

True Leaf Dental Sticks are treats created for the purpose of keeping your dog's oral care in peak condition. These hard-long chews are designed to help keep teeth clean and gums strong, while providing a stable and delicious treat for your dog to gnaw on.

Are Dental Stick Bad for Dogs?

No. True Leaf Dental Stick are formulated to support oral care and reduce the tension in our most sensitive companions. They are grain free, natural and use only the best quality ingredients. As long as these dental sticks fit into your dogs’ diet and are not over fed, your dog will benefit from the extra support to keep their teeth clean. No cereals or animal derivatives are used in our Dental sticks. No hidden ingredients.

Do Dental Sticks Actually Work?

Yes. Unlike some treats that just remove a very small amount of tartar or plaque from your pet’s teeth, Dental Sticks are a strong natural chewing shape that removes tough bacteria from your dog teeth.

How Often Should You Give Your Dog Dental Sticks?

Once per day. Regular dentalcare is extremely important, especially as dog’s dental hygiene isn’t as simple as just brushing their teeth every day. True Leaf Dental Sticks can help dental maintenance by feeding one stick per day.

How Can I Clean My Dog’s Teeth Naturally?

Dental sticks are one convenient way to help clean your dog’s teeth naturally. In the wild their ancestors would use animal bones or hard tough objects to toughen up and clean teeth. Now days we can use safe, healthy, and delicious dental sticks to help prevent plaque build-up and tooth decay.

Can You Use Dental Sticks Like Normal Treats?

Yes. True Leaf Dental sticks are not only great for oral care, but your dog will love the taste too. True Leaf Dental Sticks also come in a variety of options, to help suit your dogs need, such as Calming Sticks, Skin & Coat Sticks, or Hip & Joint Sticks.

Can You Feed Puppies Dental Sticks?

Yes. Your furniture will also appreciate the use of dental sticks. Puppies when teething can be very hard to control. Dental Sticks are a great way of giving them something healthy and supportive to gnaw on while providing them with essential nutrition.

Are Hemp Treats Harmful to Dogs?

No. Legally hemp can only contain up to 0.3% THC, meaning not enough THC is being consumed for any toxicity to occur. Check the feeding guide on the back of the packet for more information.